A dream come true

I've always loved the creative arts. At school I was the one who made stamps with my eraser, that scribbling in my text books, including sticking a multitude of micro-memories. I drew on my backpack, my notebooks, my books and even my jeans!

Having my own store is the project that I’ve imagined and dreamed of for many years and has finally become reality. Create and manufacture with my hands is part of my DNA and hand-carving rubber stamps allows me to express my flowing creativity. These are the times where I forget everything to be concentrate on my drawing and my stamp. But above all, I love paper and in my professional life I was already brought to create paper documents, but never mine. What a joy to create today MY cards!

I am the mother of 2 happy boys, surrounded by my man, our cat and after living in the country, we're back to Paris.

I am very mindful of the values that I can pass on to my sons: kindness, listening to others, open minded, but also caring to protect our planet. At home we used to collect rain water (we can't no longer do it in Paris!), create our compost (we still do it!), recycle, and the more we can eat local and organic. I apply the same principle for my small business. For details of my approach, see my website.

I also love cooking, traveling, concerts, home decorating, home-made, dip my nose in the neck of my sons to feel the sweet smell of their skin, enjoy the simple pleasures of nature like walking barefoot in the grass or the smell of the summer ground steaming after a rainfall.

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Welcome to my world!


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